Welcome to UsToo Wichita

Prostate Cancer Support Group Wichita
(A Chapter of Us TOO Intl., Inc. Network)

Our Purpose: Assist individuals with information about Prostate Cancer and be of intellectual and emotional support to men diagnosed with this disease and those supporting them. Our Mission: Advocate awareness of the necessity of annual Prostate Cancer testing in order to curb this disease at its onset; assist men newly diagnosed with Prostate Cancer to understand this disease and the variety of options available for treatment; encourage a positive mental outlook for survivors of Prostate cancer and those supporting them; and emphasize the importance of continued education to recognize the many effects of Prostate Cancer. FIRST VISIT TO THIS WEBSITE? Click Here


  1. Did you know that one man in seven will eventually be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. If you are a man with elevated PSA, or Prostate Cancer is suspected or you have been diagnosed, you are definitely in need of information about treatment options. Us TOO is a place where you can meet with peers, discuss your problems and benefit from the experiences of others.
  2. If you’re a man in your forties and have been hearing about prostate cancer, you may want to learn more about this problem. At Us TOO, you can attend a series of meetings, listen to a wide range of speakers and become knowledgable enough to recognize potential symptoms and, along with your physician, be prepared for early diagnosis and treatment, offering the best possibility of a cure.
  3. You may be among the fortunate “five out of six” who don’t get prostate cancer. You should know there can be other bothersome problems like benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), also called enlarged prostate. BPH affects a larger percentage of men than does prostate cancer. Most Us TOO meetings, will have a participating urologist who can give you more detailed information about this and other problems.
  4. Incontinence is frequently a problem with men who have had prostate cancer treatment. This disorder is a primary topic at some of Us TOO meetings.
  5. Impotence is sometimes a problem for men who have undergone prostate cancer treatment and is frequently one of the subjects covered at Us TOO meetings. The causes of impotence are discussed along with treatment options.
  6. Aside from cancer, there are other prostatic, urinary or bladder problems discussed by physicians at Us TOO meetings. Also, literature is available through Us TOO that can help you plan for successful treatment.
  7. If you have been diagnosed and/or treated for problems related to the prostate, the Us TOO program can provide you with current information and suggestions about follow-up treatments. Also, with the knowledge you acquire, you may be able to help a friend.